Our Сonsumer retention rate is high. More than 99% of our Сonsumers come back and place additional orders. However, mistakes might happen occasionally, and in these circumstances, you can always turn to our Refund Policy.

The Company ensures that Experts and Сonsumers have a comprehensive grasp of the financial relationships pertaining to the services we offer. As a result, the Expert is obligated to deliver the Product on schedule and in accordance with the specifications given by the Сonsumer in the Order. The Сonsumer is entitled to a partial or full refund in accordance with our Refund Policy should the Expert break any of their promises regarding Order delivery.


The Website is merely a platform; it will never be a party to any agreements made by Experts and Сonsumers or to any other services or materials that the Expert provides. The Company shall have no obligation to supervise any interactions between Сonsumers and Experts.

If the Expert didn't carry out the offered Product in accordance with the specifications stated in your Order, you have the right to request compensation under our refund policy.

In order to make our Policy as clear as possible, we stress that there are specific circumstances in which we can provide a refund. These are:

  •  Late Cancellation

Although the Expert was confirmed, you chose to cancel the Order. In this instance, the refund amount ranges from 100% to 70% to account for the Expert's efforts to supply you with the purchased goods and services. This is applicable in situations where the document has not yet been uploaded. In the event that the work was already finished, the case will be considered a Disputed Claim. Our customer Support Team is involved in the negotiation process between the Client and the Expert with the goal of reaching agreement on the reimbursement amount. The Company may incentivize the parties to come to a resolution by offering Bonus discounts on future service orders as a form of compensation.

  • Late Delivery

The Company will only issue a reimbursement for lateness of delivery if agreed upon by the Expert. To encourage both parties to reach a compromise, the Company may offer Bonus discounts on future platform services and orders as a form of compensation. The concept of Bonuses and platform services will be further explained. The precise sum will be discussed with the Сonsumer. No refund can be given when a Сonsumer fails to supply the information required to complete an order, resulting in late delivery. The best case situation is to send all relevant information about the assignment at once, including any extra sources that will be needed.

The Сonsumer may be eligible for a partial refund if the Order was finished after the stated deadline, but they still need to use the work.

  • Disputed claims

The Support Department will look into the situation if the Сonsumer is not satisfied and requests a refund. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the refund claim will either be allowed or denied. Remember that our goal is always to have happy Сonsumers. We will always try our best to treat the Сonsumer fairly and attain their highest level of satisfaction.

  • Two bills received

If you received two bills, you must let us know right away, especially if Your Personal Balance remains the same. To fully resolve the situation and complete the full refund for the additional price, you must email us both receipts. This occurrence is quite uncommon. A Сonsumer cannot be charged for a single order unless they unintentionally pay for it.

  • Content originality

A clear report (by any respectable agency) with supporting documentation is required if there is a claim regarding the originality of the Product; otherwise, there will be no possibility of a refund.


  • You used the Product for the purposes forbidden by the applicable Terms and Conditions or as a part of another Order on the Website. In that instance, a release of at least 70% of the contract amount is required. However, the amount might change in light of the Support Department's investigation.
  • A lower grade than what was expected is received. We cannot be held responsible for any grades or course outcomes that result from using our services. We encourage our Consumers to use the papers and content provided by our Experts as reference material to aid their learning. Therefore, we are not responsible for the results of direct submission of the Product.
  • An Order for editing or proofreading did not meet your expectations. It is your responsibility to make sure that Experts are aware of your specific expectations and needs for the given Order. Therefore, we disclaim all liability for contextual errors and instances of content originality issues in materials you supply to the Expert. If an order for editing or proofreading fails to arrive owing to quality problems, the Сonsumer is not entitled to a refund. Additionally, any attempt to select editing or rewriting Orders as initial guidelines or to pressure Experts to provide fresh information would be seen as harmful.
  • The refund period has passed. Refunds are allowed within six months of the original transaction date. The original payment method that was used to make the first purchase is where money can be refunded. We are unable to issue you a refund if six months have passed after the transaction date.


The Company will conduct the refund within five business days after you receive the confirmation on your email provided within registration. Please be aware that the Company is not liable for any bank service issues that result in transfer fees, abnormalities, or potential delays.


You agree that we may suspend access to any and all of your accounts with us in the case of a chargeback by a credit card company (or an equivalent action by another payment provider authorized by us in connection with your purchase of the Services). You are responsible for paying the costs associated with chargebacks, other payment disputes brought by you, your bank, or a payment provider, as well as any issues that call for the use of accounting or legal services.


Anytime you want, you can ask to have your account deleted. You understand and agree that, in case that the Website suspends or terminates your account due to a violation of one of our policies, you will not be entitled to a refund or exchange for any unused Services, content, or data connected to your account, or for anything else.


We use third-party payment services to bill you through an online payments account in stead of directly processing your credit/debit card information. Your paid balance is safe in your account as we use an integrated iframe for checkouts from our partners-payment providers, and the Experts get paid for each confirmed Product. Correspondingly all transactions are secured as our partners-payment providers use encryption protection. We do not store your payment information on our servers.



You acknowledge and agree that only our partners—payment providers—process the billing information you supply to pay for Services through the Website, namely your credit card information. Your billing information is not gathered, stored, or otherwise processed by us.

You acknowledge that any failure on the part of the third party to protect such information appropriately is not the Company's fault. Along with this Policy, our partners' terms, conditions, and privacy policies will also apply to the processing of payments.

You agree that we may switch our payment partners and ask them to transfer your information to other service providers who use secure socket layer technology (SSL) or other security measures that are equivalent to SSL.


When the Website receives payment from the Сonsumer, it will keep that money and send it to the appropriate Expert whenever the required Product is completed (at the previously agreed price). All transaction fees associated with the delivery and consumption of services through our Website shall be borne by Сonsumers and Experts. All fees and taxes related to the provision and use of Services through our Website are the parties' responsibility. We charge a commission to Experts for our services. 


For each Product that a Сonsumer confirms, the Experts receive payment to their account on the platform. Experts may use our secured third-party payment services to make the payout.


Any payments made through our Website are only intended to be used for the exchange of educational services between Сonsumers and Experts. Such payments cannot be made or utilized for any unlawful, criminal, or fraudulent behavior as defined by law.


If Order cancellation occurs, the Сonsumer is not permitted to use the Products that were delivered prior to the Order cancellation. We retain full ownership of the Products from the canceled Order in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, and you will not be permitted to use them. The Product will also be added to repository services, marking it as 100% non-original.


Major alterations will be announced by email and posted on our website. The Website will always have the most recent copy of this Policy.

Normally, we will make an effort to notify you in advance of the new terms taking effect. However, there are situations when modifications must be made right away. In this case, we won't provide you with any advance notification.